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Our Products

  • Custom Brand Content

    Custom Brand Content

    We help brands convey their message in authentic ways through custom produced video content and social activation.

  • Series Sponsorship

    Series Sponsorship

    Integrate your brand and messaging into one of our flagship editorial series with product integration, graphic intro/outro cards and brought-to-you-by messaging.

  • Multi-channel Collaborations

    Multi-Channel Collaborations

    Collaborations present brands with a unique opportunity to tap into multiple influencer audiences.

    Editorial Collaborations
    Sponsor one of Kin’s editorial collaborations around seasonal or tent pole events (i.e. Easter, Mother’s Day, Back-to-School, etc.).

    Custom Collaborations
    Turnkey sponsorship opportunities to integrate your brand into content that thematically aligns with your initiatives.

  • Additional Opportunities

    Media: Targeted media at scale across Kin Community

    In-Video Shout Outs: On-camera calls to action around new products or initiatives

    Brand Social Takeovers: Build out a stronger audience and create awareness of your brand’s social platforms with a takeover curated by a Kin Community influencer

    Production Services: Utilize Kin Studios for every element of your content needs

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