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TUBEFILTER: Mr. Kate, Known For Interior Design Videos, Tries Beauty Vlogging In New Web Series

Sam Gutelle for Tubefilter,

2017 has been a busy year for Mr. Kate. Over the past few months, the interior design channel hosted by wife-and-husband duo Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr has signed with the Kin Community network, reached one million subscribers, and linked up with Entrepreneur for a programming deal.

The latest feather in Albrecht’s cap is Diary of a Creative Weirdo, a new web series on the Mr. Kate. Having tackled many aspects of interior decoration, Albrecht uses her new space to share some beauty tips in a fast-paced vlog format. The series’ title is a reference to Mr. Kate’s fanbase, which is referred to as the “Creative Weirdos,” and those devotees have heaped unanimous praise upon the first episode of Albrecht’s new venture.

Mr. Kate has a habit of delivering sharp, high-quality videos, and Diary of a Creative Weirdo is a worthy addition to the channel’s library. Stay tuned to Albrecht and Zehr’s video hub if you’d like to receive more beauty tips — as well as home improvement updates from popular web series like OMG We Bought A House.