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PRESS RELEASE: Kin Unveils New Video Lifestyle “Neighborhood” Model

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Los Angeles, CA (May 30, 2018)—Los Angeles lifestyle entertainment company, Kin, is debuting today a new, more valuable wave of online video networks — a vision that they hail as a neighborhood. Kin’s neighborhood model is comprised of a truly interconnected, family-friendly network of premium, owned and operated, lifestyle channels starring popular, mainstream personalities. Kin designed its fresh new network approach with a distinct audience in mind: what it has identified and coined as the Builders. The company describes this demo as a huge and coveted untapped subset of “mainstream USA” millennials—ages 25-34 years old who are building the next stage of their life, focused on careers, families and home. If YouTube and Facebook are the “mega-cities” of the Internet, the new Kin network is designed to be the best neighborhood in town.

Kin’s programming line-up was specifically tailored to appeal to the Builder audience and includes as its foundation the partnership with Tia Mowry—whose series Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix has recently eclipsed top cable unscripted powerhouses like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and House Hunters (Nielsen research) in terms of Total Reach and W18-34. In addition to Tia Mowry, other personalities that will be part of the neighborhood include Daytime Emmy talk show winner Adrienne Houghton (just introduced All Things Adrienne), Emmy award-winning Derek Hough, and Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Several other channels are in development with plans to roll out 20 over the next 18 months.

Kin has a strong, decade-long track record of producing high-quality lifestyle programming that has attracted massive audiences. Programming across its multi-channel network generates hundreds of millions of views and features social talent with over a hundred million social followers. Kin has attracted blue-chip marketers for innovative brand integrations. Kin believes that the future of online video networks is in owning more recognizable channels for well-lit neighborhoods.

Kin’s neighborhood brings together a group of like-minded, but diverse channels. It is fueled by high-quality, lifestyle entertainment programming and by recognizable mainstream personalities with genuine connective tissue and off-the-charts social followings. The collaborative nature of the talent will open-up unique and highly-impactful cross-promotional advertising opportunities that are unprecedented in the digital video arena. The idea is for audiences to feel as if the personalities are neighbors who know one another, even “stop by” each other’s shows regularly, and therefore lead to better sampling and discovery of all channels.

Kin is confident its neighborhood could become one of the most valuable pieces of digital real estate for marketers as it has been developed for a large untapped audience it identified and has dubbed Builders. Kin sees the Builders demo as the first major splintering of the millennial generation. This group of women has 35% more income to spend than their younger millennial counterparts (women 18-24). They are almost three times more likely to own a home and four times more likely to be a parent. They are consumers of all kinds of products and services that enable them to build different facets of their lives, from paper purchases to financial planning. With Kin’s neighborhood, brands are able to reach this highly-desirable demographic in a more targeted and failsafe way.

Michael Wayne, CEO of Kin, said, “Kin’s new ‘neighborhood’ model is efficient, scalable and profitable. We are creating the premier lifestyle entertainment network for audiences, brands, and platforms alike. Our channels are fully owned and operated by Kin and specifically designed to offer marketers highly-targeted opportunities to reach a unique demo with big spending power. The combination of well-known personalities, brand-safe entertainment and massive reach and engagement across social platforms is the valuable ‘real estate’ we’ve all been looking for.”

Tia Mowry said, “Working in the digital space has been a dream. The team at Kin has been phenomenal to collaborate with and has been instrumental in helping me build out the programming, promotional tools and platforms to further enhance the connection I have with my fans in a truly meaningful way. It is an honor to break this new ground with Kin and I am excited to meet my new ‘neighbors’ Kin’s philosophy is to fully leverage the social following and popularity of its talent. The programming lives simultaneously across talent branded destinations on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Amazon Prime—with new episodes having a set time and date each week to create more appointment tune-in.

The new network will launch with a series of premium lifestyle programs/channels, led by:

  • Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix: Kin’s first neighborhood show is Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, which features hit TV star Tia Mowry. The series features weekly uploads that will help viewers solve life’s little dilemmas FAST! From quick ideas for a weeknight meal to beauty tips that will get you out the door in a flash. Tia has got you covered! A true blockbuster, the show has consistently reached more than five million viewers per episode across its various platforms since its launch last September. According to Nielsen data, episodes have recently beaten several top linear cable powerhouses in the core 18-34 demographic including Keeping Up with the Kardashians, House Hunters, Vanderpump Rules and Fixer Upper.
  • All Things Adrienne (with Adrienne Houghton): Adrienne Bailon Houghton, cohost of The Real and Showtime at the Apollo, and former Cheetah Girl, shares her tips and tricks on all things beauty, fashion, home decor, entertaining, and even more in this brand-new show. All Things Adrienne is on a similar breakout trajectory as Quick Fix, with more than 400,000 followers in the first four weeks since launch.
  • Life in Motion with Derek Hough: In Derek Hough’s new series he will show viewers how to infuse energy into every aspect of their lives. Whether it’s his top wellness tips, nutritional
    insights, fun fitness fads, or sharing family memories with his four sisters, Derek will give us an inside look into how he overcomes personal challenges and maintains a healthy lifestyle – all
    while motivating and inspiring viewers to do the same.
  • Nick and Vanessa Lachey series is in development.

Post-launch, Kin will continue to sign new talent and marketing partners as it expands its stable of channels. The network will also be accessible across multiple social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Amazon.