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Tia Mowry’s Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital bag checklist:

For baby!
Newborn diapers- most hospitals will have diapers for you but it is always good to bring some of the brand that you like just in case.
Swaddling blankets for swaddling, breastfeeding privacy, and more!
Onesies and clothes! Pack several outfits in different sizes because you never know exactly how big your newborn will be when they arrive! Don't forget to bring socks and a hat to keep your baby warm.

For mommy!
Snacks!!! Hospital food can be less than ideal, so bring snacks that remind you of home, and will give you energy.
Blankets from home.
Travel sized toiletries.
HATCH Mama products: Renew Rollerball (eucalyptus), Belly oil, Relax Rollerball (lavender).
Josie Maran Moroccan Argan Oil face oil to help you feel clean and refreshed!
Kiehls Spritzer with ginseng, for energy!
EO lavender hand sanitizer.
Comfortable clothes- airy and loose nightgowns and robes to wear in the hospital after baby is born!
Slippers for walking around comfortably in the hospital.
Breastfeeding pillow, and most importantly a comfy bed pillow!
Bonnet for sleeping, to maintain hair braids. The last thing you want to worry about at this time is your hair, so pick a style that will stay out of your way.