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How To Grow Fruits and Vegetables in Containers

1. Pick herbs regularly

Snip herbs regularly throughout summertime to help stimulate growth. No need to cut herbs all at once, just harvest successive cuttings whenever you need fresh herbs to spruce up your dish.

2. Use tomato herb fertilizer

Dr. Earth is an all natural organic herb fertilizer that releases nutrients quickly into the soil offering immediate benefits. Rake the fertilizer around the roil and top off with a spritz of water. Make sure when you're choosing your soil to pick one that drains well.

3. Insert a support beam

Use a ladder form for eggplants, a stake for peppers, and a cylindrical form for cherry tomatoes. As the plant grows, it will grow up and hang on the ladders so that as the branches start to grow out they will stay supported. Make sure you put in the support beams in the early stages of the plant's growth. If you're using a stake, secure the plant in place using velcro ties.

4. Place lavender next to blueberry plants

Lavender plants attracts bees, encouraging pollination and producing more fruit.

5. Use a geopot as an alternative to terracotta pots

If you're a city dweller and are tired of carrying around terracotta pots, then this is the perfect solution for you! This lightweight bag is ideal for growing cherry tomatoes because it allows the roots to grow upwards, therefore producing more produce.

6. Feed soil coffee to make it more acidic

If you don't have time to run to the hardware store to grab acidic soil, don't worry just DIY it! Take your coffee grinds, add a little water, and pour on top of the soil. It's as easy as that!