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5 Valentine’s Day DIYs

1. Heart Shaped Lip Balms

These lip balms are the perfect gift for your galentine! Who ever thought of such a creative way to combine chocolate and hearts! Click here to get the full recipe.

2. Valentine Party Crackers

These valentines go off with a bang! Originally from England, these traditional party favors are filled with all sorts of treats and goodies that will surely put a smile on everyones face!

3. Gratitude Ribbons

Show your special loved one that they're #1 in your heart with this thoughtful DIY project! Or make it with children for a fun Valentines Day craft!

4. Morse Code Necklace

Morse Code may be a thing of the past, but jewelry is forever! Click here to get the full instructions.

5. Valentines Day Cookie Favors

If you are hosting a party this year, or just making multiple Valentines for multiple friends, this DIY is perfectly sweet! Click here to get the full recipe!